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Since 2011, LMSYS has been developing a relationship with its clients based on tailored advice and mutual trust.
Major accounts or major players in their sectors of activity, we support companies of all sectors and sizes, by intervening on a one-off basis or over the duration of a project.
You will find here an overview of references and customer cases to understand how LMSYS brings solutions to the constraints of companies.

Customer cases

Outsourcing of the operations on staging platforms

Our client is one of the leading telecom infrastructure providers, partnering with the majority of French telecom players.It is responsible for the operation of IPTV, cable, Internet (Over-The-Top) and mobile service platforms for a major French Internet Service Provider. As the number of projects involving these technologies is increasing, it is necessary to ensure the stability and maintenance in operational conditions of the pre-production environments in order to make them reference environments for all projects.

What LMSYS has done:

LMSYS has accompanied Ericsson in the transformation of its client’s test environments. The proposed solution translates into the outsourcing of the operation of these environments.The stages of realization are based on the following items:

  • Structuring of the activity:
    • Setting up a governance system based on ITIL® best practices
    • Setting up quality indicators to monitor the health of the services
    • Setting up a dedicated operations team and transferring the activity
  • Industrialisation:
    • Hardware and software audit of environments
    • Homogenisation of the various test environments to be as close as possible to production
    • Implementation of operating tools including the automation of certain operating tasks
    • Updating of architecture documents
  • Operation:
    • Drafting of operating documents
    • Supervision of equipment and services
    • Management of incidents and changes
    • Generalisation of backups
    • Supplier management


For the client, this outsourcing of operations has resulted in:

  • Greater representativeness of the test environments to guarantee the success of projects.
  • Greater availability of environments to meet the growing number of projects to be validated.
  • Better control of project-related operations in change management.
  • Visibility of quality indicators and accurate communication to the client

The environments become reliable tools and contribute to the success of projects

The collaboration with Ericsson enabled the transformation to be completed within the timeframe, with an iterative approach that allowed the new team to build up their skills. This work was followed by several continuous improvement projects, validating the operation outsourcing model and confirming the confidence acquired during this implementation.

Operational management of a services contract

BT Services provides consulting, integration, support and maintenance services for network and IT infrastructures. As part of a service contract with a major French industrial group headquartered in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, BT Services is to implement a service to operate the LAN, WAN, security equipment and VoIP at the group’s 360 international sites.

The mission:

As LMSYS already assumed the role of Service Delivery Manager with a dedicated team hosted at the client’s site, we had to ensure the transition to the new operations team spread over two sites in France. To this end, SDM managed the training of the new teams so that they could appropriate the technical environments and their specificities.

  • Ensure the transition to the new team without impacting production
  • Manage the increase in skills/knowledge of the operating teams
  • Participate in the establishment of a governance and customer bodies
  • Mastering and documenting client specificities and technical environments
  • Supporting change and day-to-day operations in accordance with ITIL® best practice
  • Ensure optimal communication between the client and the operational teams
  • Operational monitoring of the contract, the teams and the customer on a daily basis
  • Local liaison between the customer and the operational teams at the company’s head office

Our knowledge of customer processes, contacts and business constraints allowed:

  • An efficient transition linked to the rapid establishment of the processes of the outsourcing teams (N1, N2, expertise)
  • Improved response and incident resolution times
  • More efficient management of change requests
  • Stronger reactivity of the technical teams due to the presence of LMSYS on site
  • A controlled service contract with KPI respecting the contractual commitments
  • An increased quality of service and a fluid communication

Transparency and mutual trust for an effective transition and a controlled service contract.
The change management operated by LMSYS allowed to manage this team and process transition in an efficient and controlled way.

Following this handover, customer satisfaction has lasted for more than 3 years after the signature of the contract thanks to a structured daily operational management close to the customer.

Implementation of Broadpeak servers in our production’s tool automate

BROADPEAK designs, manufactures and markets innovative video distribution solutions worldwide for content providers and network operators who deploy services on IPTV, cable, Internet (Over-The-Top) and mobile.

After winning a project to extend the CDN solution of one of their South American customers, the BROADPEAK operational team asked LMSYS to absorb the additional activity generated by this case.

The mission:
LMSYS undertook to integrate and deliver the 72 servers of this order, on a very tight production and delivery schedule, since it was spread out over only four weeks. To this strong constraint, came to be added the difficulty to ensure this production during the period of COVID-19.

As some of the equipment had to be configured in a cluster, this also meant that a special production schedule had to be drawn up. 

  • Study of the installation instructions for BROADPEAK products, to identify all the tasks that could be automated.
  • Programming of our production tool, with the implementation of a process validation strategy, phased over the production stages (single server vs. cluster).
  • Continuous improvement of the automation of our production tool in DevOps mode.
  • Generation of automated factory acceptance reports, in the form of a server identity card

The benefits:

  • Validation of our logistics capacity
  • Subcontracting capacity to ensure the quality of BROADPEAK products is maintained
  • Improvement of the LMSYS integration tool
  • Significant reduction of human intervention in the integration process

Equipment can be deployed simply, in plug & play mode

The quality of server integration was a major issue for BROADPEAK, as deployment at the various end-customer sites had to be carried out with a minimum of intervention and without the need for expertise.